Saturday, March 30, 2013

Programa de Becas

In December, as we looked forward to 2013, we had two challenges that combined to create a great opportunity.  We were wanting to have more help at some of our ministry sites to continue to be able to grow and improve.  Simultaneously we had several guys on our soccer team who were needing something more.  We had guys who were ready for a next step as they considered their education and we also wanted to find ways to have a more intense discipleship and mentoring program with a few guys. Due to varying circumstances many of the guys on the soccer team are in night school or only attending high school a couple of days a week, so this means one of their biggest resources is time.  A few of the guys asked us if there was something they could do to work and further their studies. So in conversations with Diego Soto (Our director of Sports and Recreation and also the coach of the soccer team) the idea for the "Programa de Becas" or Scholarship Program was born.

In January we started a pilot program with room for three participants.  As part of the program they would be required to be attending some form of high school, attend the weekly English class we offer for the soccer team at the Tutoring Center, attend a weekly meeting, and work 3 or 4 days a week at a ministry site.  As part of the program they  receive the use of books for high school and enrolment in a trade school class of their choice.

The program has gotten off to a great start, although we did have to ask one participant to leave the program as he was not completing the requirements.  However, this happened early enough that we were able to add one more from the waiting list to have a total of 3.  Rigo, William, and Justin have been incredible!  They have been a tremendous help at our ministry sites and helping us host short-term teams.  Please pray that God would continue to transform their lives through the formal and informal times our staff share with them.

Rigo signing up children for an activity at the sports ministry site

Rigo, William, Justin (on the right), and some of our staff with a team we recently hosted from Mississippi.