Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thanksgiving in the DR!!

The week of Thanksgiving we went to the Dominican Republic on a family mission trip. All in all there were about 50 people there from CA, CT, and my parents from CO. We had a great time working with those on the team as well as the SI staff in the DR.

These are pictures from an evening we spent with my parents at Dona Negras house in Los Higos having dinner. We had a great evening and the kids enjoyed themselves, once they warmed up a bit.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Else Can I Disinfect????

It has been about 6 weeks that we have been fighting infectious diseases around here. It started with a scratchy throat and sniffles when I was on Women's Retreat in September. When I took the kids to the doctor on Monday, the culmination of a month of some flu-type virus (at least I HOPE it is culminating!) was an ear infection for Sawyer (with an extra prescription of Nystatin, in case the antibiotics produce a reccurance of the thrush we finally got rid of), an undiagnosed (Is is shingles? Is it impetigo? One cannot tell.) rash for Olivia, and pink-eye for both of them. I, also, was diagnosed with pink-eye the next day, and given the instructions NOT to wear my contacts for 5 very long days. I cried. Pink-eye has long been one of the greatest fears in my life for the very reason that I HATE my glasses. It is vain and perhaps silly, but I HATE them. I have HATED them since I was old enough to realize they got thicker with every visit to the eye doctor. I guess the time comes when we all must face our fears. I actually went to work in them today, and survived, of course. Jeff took me there, however, because I didn't trust my depth perception enough to drive. Ah, the trials we face. :)

This is why I ask, what else can I disinfect?? --Tracey

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome to Our Life!!!

And so begins the official blog of the Dixon Family. I guess since it's "official," I'll start with the facts. We live in Visalia, CA, and have been married for over 6 years! Currently, Jeff is the Program Director at Students International, and I, Tracey, have recently gone back to work with Visalia Unified School District as an Early Childhood In-Home and Preschool Educator (whew!). We have two adorable children; Olivia Sojourner is 2 and Sawyer Gabriel is 4 months. Unfortunately, I am completely going blank as far as anything close to creative writing goes. So, I will leave this first official posting as it is, with the facts, and with much room for creativity in future entries!