Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Else Can I Disinfect????

It has been about 6 weeks that we have been fighting infectious diseases around here. It started with a scratchy throat and sniffles when I was on Women's Retreat in September. When I took the kids to the doctor on Monday, the culmination of a month of some flu-type virus (at least I HOPE it is culminating!) was an ear infection for Sawyer (with an extra prescription of Nystatin, in case the antibiotics produce a reccurance of the thrush we finally got rid of), an undiagnosed (Is is shingles? Is it impetigo? One cannot tell.) rash for Olivia, and pink-eye for both of them. I, also, was diagnosed with pink-eye the next day, and given the instructions NOT to wear my contacts for 5 very long days. I cried. Pink-eye has long been one of the greatest fears in my life for the very reason that I HATE my glasses. It is vain and perhaps silly, but I HATE them. I have HATED them since I was old enough to realize they got thicker with every visit to the eye doctor. I guess the time comes when we all must face our fears. I actually went to work in them today, and survived, of course. Jeff took me there, however, because I didn't trust my depth perception enough to drive. Ah, the trials we face. :)

This is why I ask, what else can I disinfect?? --Tracey

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Welcome to Our Life!!!

And so begins the official blog of the Dixon Family. I guess since it's "official," I'll start with the facts. We live in Visalia, CA, and have been married for over 6 years! Currently, Jeff is the Program Director at Students International, and I, Tracey, have recently gone back to work with Visalia Unified School District as an Early Childhood In-Home and Preschool Educator (whew!). We have two adorable children; Olivia Sojourner is 2 and Sawyer Gabriel is 4 months. Unfortunately, I am completely going blank as far as anything close to creative writing goes. So, I will leave this first official posting as it is, with the facts, and with much room for creativity in future entries!