Sunday, November 15, 2009


A few weeks ago we added a new member to our family. Lucy, a beagle puppy, joined us. She is very sweet, sometimes hyper, and all-around fun to have around. The kids love her (sometimes a little too much. . .) Here's some pictures of her:

She likes to snuggle Mommy.

From Lucy

From Lucy

Bad dog! But so cute, hiding in the closet and making a 'nest' in the clothes.
From Lucy

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Luxury of Options

I get to spend Thursdays in the community of Las Fuentes. This is where Cailah Pritchard (there is a link to her blog on the right) works in a variety of activities. On Thursdays she has an after school type of program. Well actually since children go to school in either the morning or the afternoon, she has two sessions. One before school for those who go in the afternoon and one after school for those who go to to school in the morning.

I usually take the bus from our house to Las Fuentes, so that Tracey can have the car. In order to get there for the 10am start time I need to leave our house at 9am as I need to take 2 buses to get there. The total bus fare is about $0.80. Last week I had a few things I needed to get done before going to Las Fuentes. So I decided to take a taxi instead of riding the bus. I looked at the clock as I walked out the door 9:48am. I arrived right on time and the total cab fare was about $2.65.

Having options is a luxury that most of the people we work with do not have. Many will never have the option to decide to take a taxi instead of the bus even though the difference in the fares is usually less than $2.00. I started to think about many of the options I have in my life that many do not. Here are just a few of the options I have each day. I have multiple options of what to wear. I can open the refrigerator and choose what I want to eat. I can choose to watch TV, a movie, surf the web, read a book, play a game, etc. for entertainment. We can choose private or public schools for our kids. I can choose to take a taxi or a bus.

Do I feel guilty for having options? Sometimes. Should you feel guilty? No, that's not the point. The question I think we should ask is what is God calling me to do with the options he has given me? What options should I choose so that His kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven?