Monday, July 28, 2008


It was a busy weekend around the Dixon house. Saturday Tracey and I woke up early to do a yard sale. The first customers arrived shortly before 6am. Needless to say we weren't quite ready for them. The yard sale was nothing short of miraculous as by the end of the day we had made about $1,000! Our good friend John Crook came early in the morning to help us set up and then entertained Olivia and Sawyer for a few hours. This was a tremendous help. Thanks John!! Praise God for bringing people to buy our things! These funds will help us to replace some of them in Costa Rica.

Following the yard sale we finished packing up our house. We did take a break for a picnic dinner from McDonald's in the dining room. This was followed by all of us laying in the living room (all the furniture sold) to watch Finding Nemo on the computer (The TV sold as well). It was a memorable last night in our home. Once the kids were asleep we worked to finish packing.

Sunday after church we loaded our things into a trailer, the back of two pick-ups and a few odds and ends in a suburban and moved out of our house. Thanks Hector, Jonathan, Tricia, Micah, Noah, Owen, Mike and Carol for your help moving! Mike and Carol Alipaz are graciously allowing to stay with them until we move to Costa Rica. So our things are stored in their garage and driveway. This time has reminded us of the tremendous blessing good friends are and how God has richly blessed us with many great friendships.

This week we are busy with things like doctors appointments, painting and cleaning our house, working on support raising, and trying to get a little bit of rest. Though we are tired our hearts are full of gratitude and we are overwhelmed by the love and care of friends and more so of our Heavenly Father.

Please remember to keep us in your prayers, especially Olivia and Sawyer during our transition. They are doing amazingly well considering their world's have been turned upside down!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Packing Up

Our house is filled with bins and boxes and looks like a tornado came through last night. Slowly but surely we are packing up and getting ready to move. We hope to be packed up today and to move our things out of the house tomorrow! Please remember to pray for us and for a smooth transition especially for Olivia and Sawyer.

Tickets Have Been Purchased

Last week we bought tickets for Costa Rica! We leave Wednesday morning August 20th!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Current Temperatures

Visalia, CA: 108
San Jose, Costa Rica: 69

Enough Said!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Monterey Bay Aquarium

While both sets of grandparents were here visiting we decided to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It has been on our list of things we wanted to do and we decided it was now or never. We had a great time! Olivia and Sawyer enjoyed watching the fish. Sawyer especially enjoyed the otters! After we left the otter tank we heard him say "mo ottr" the rest of the day. While Olivia enjoyed watching the fish she was not too sure about touching them as you can see in one of the pictures. We are thankful to have had the opportunity to go and enjoy the wonders of the sea and to spend time with both the Roubs and the Dixons.


Sawyer and Olivia are now 2 and 4 respectively. Sawyer turned 2 on June 25th and Olivia turned 4 on July 2nd. About a week ago we had a party for them filled with kiddie swimming pools, princesses, Thomas the Train, friends, and family (Both sets of grandparents were here for a visit and at the party)! Here are a few pictures from our time in the sun: