Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's a Girl!

18-19 weeks

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and found out we are having another daughter! We're all excited; Mommy was sure it was a boy, but is happy to have more pink around. :) We are planning to have the baby at Clinica Biblica, which is a wonderful hospital in San Jose, only a few miles from our house. We are very thankful to have found a good doctor, and to make it even more convenient--his office is right at the hospital. Yesterday they even let us have a brief tour and we were happy to see that the maternity rooms look like everything we would hope for. Apparently CB usually has mothers labor in one room and then moves them to a birthing room, but they are now starting to let labor and birth happen all in the same spot--really hoping they continue that trend! Everyone there has been very knowledgeable and helpful, and we feel very comfortable going there to have a baby. Thanks to everyone who has prayed about all this with us.

Isn't she beautiful?