Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rose City Evangelical Free Church

This is my (Tracey's) grandparents' church in Rose City, MN (population 35). They have committed to supporting us, and on Palm Sunday we had the privilege of sharing with the congregation about SI and what we will be doing in Costa Rica. We are excited about this church joining our support team for a couple of reasons. One is that I grew up visiting there, and my mom and all her siblings were raised there; so it feels like a "home church." Also, their support was a complete surprise to us and further evidence that God's hand is in this whole process. Please pray with us that God would speak clearly to other churches and individuals that he would include on this team.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

To the Jungle and Back...Again

I (Jeff) returned Tuesday evening after 12 days or so in Costa Rica. I had the privilege of being in the jungles of Talamanca Costa Rica with 25 other men seeking to know Jesus better each day. We spent time hiking through the jungle, pouring concrete for a new dorm, planting banana trees, and serving in medical clinics. More than the work and service activities I cherished the countless hours of fellowship. This was by far the most difficult trip for me to leave Tracey and the kids, but the other men on the trip embraced me and took a genuine interest in my life and the journey God has our family on to a greater extent than I could have ever hoped for.

After the team left Dave Hansen (SI's president) and I spent a couple of days meeting with people and exploring various aspects of Costa Rica for future ministry options. God continues to open doors and to line everything up for our move. I even had a chance to see some friends we met at MTI in December who are in language school in San José, and to enjoy an afternoon with them. Elledges and Gorniks it was great to see you (We won't mention pushing Malachi into the tree on the swing, that can be our little secret.)

Here are a couple of pictures to put some images with the trip:

Before the Hike

Crossing a river during the hike. I have grown quite fond of my rubber boots!

Working to pour the floor of what will be a dormitory for a Bible School. That's me dumping the wheel barrow.